Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4th graders and Sophomores team up

for a trip to Lake Wallace
Friday, June 6
After all, the Biology MCAS wrapped up early this week, and the rest of the 4th graders were away at Natures Classroom ... what better chance to explore the local environment?!

Off we go, 

with nets and buckets in tow.

How big is that tree? ...

Timber! gives us a good estimate
there are many things to see when you actually get into the water

... including a surprise visitor

Scoop, sort, identify, sketch and appreciate

yep, even leeches are pretty when you take a closer look!

The Creativity Competition ... Ms.Naz' last year

Woodland Ecology surveys the SRE puddle for the second year

Preparing for the big-dip

Seriously, people, it's just not that deep.
A few buckets-full to look at

"And in bucket #1 ..."

Scoop, sort, identify ... once again, we find mosquito-predators, not mosquitoes.

Some bring home the bacon, others, mud.

Tyler and the girls discovering life in the SRE puddle
Not exactly a prom picture

Ecomentors in May

An essential life skill - honking with grass.

Scoop, search, document

Hmm, what could possibly be so interesting about a dead fish?!

let's take a closer look, we may be able to identify it's last meal ...

 ... We might have been able to, but the fact remains that the fish was dead too long.
Our noses provided enough evidence of that!

Identify, count & record.

Yet another successful Ecomentors outing!